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Article: Diamond vs Moissanite

Diamond vs Moissanite

At first glance

Can you tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite by just looking at them?

The answer is you probably won't, especially when you are not use to stare at a diamond. Both gemstones side by side with the same specifications is practically identical. Because moissanite has a higher refractive index, it may stand out a little under natural light.

Before we get started, follow this link to learn more about Moissanite.

We won't go into technical aspect here, we will try our best to help you understand the basic differences between a diamond and a moissanite.

Moissanite vs Diamond Refractive Index

As for the color and clarity: you may know diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and clarity. Moissanites are in a more narrow range, since they are mainly lab-created in a controlled environment, they come in two popular color; a near colorless (graded as GHI) or colorless (graded as DEF). And for clarity, Earth Minded Gem only select outstanding moissanites with VS (eye very clean) clarity and higher.


Is a moissanite as durable as a diamond?

A diamond is the hardest mineral known on earth with a grade of 10 on mohs scale of hardness. Sapphire and Ruby being right below with a 9. Well moissanites are in between with a 9.25. It means moissanites are and should be more durable than sapphires and almost as durable as diamonds.


Now that a moissanite has caught your attention. One positive note of a moissanite vs diamond is the price difference. A moissanite is a fraction of the cost of a diamond. The affordable factor of a moissanite has increased interest in the gemstone for a diamond alternative engagement ring. You no longer need to dig a hole in your pocket. As an example: a one carat round diamond can run over $10,000 where a one carat round moissanite is under $1,000.


Many of our customers have asked about warranty:

when you purchase a diamond, there is no warranty associated with it other than maybe a certificate with quality specifications, that certificate will pretty much warrant the quality of the diamond. Other than that, the warranty does not cover any other aspect of the diamond. Moissanites come with the same type of warranty. Each moissanite will come with a warranty card which only warrant its quality specifications, it does not warrant any other aspect of the stone.

Ethically Sourced

Jewelers that offer “conflict free” diamonds are limiting themselves to the Kimberley Process' definition, which defines conflict diamonds as diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized governments. What this definition leaves out is large numbers of diamonds that are tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation, and other issues. We only offer lab-grown diamonds as center stone and Canadian diamonds as accent stone.

When you purchase a lab-grown diamond or moissanite, you know you're not involve in any conflict gemstones, zero compromise.

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